P.A.W.S. Dog Park Gazebo

Not your everyday gazebo

We were brought on to this project after the winning design turned out to be a timber frame structure.  Always up for a challenge and excited to be part of a community based project we gladly accepted this project and worked with Albertson Builders and Randy Scamfer (engineer) to make it a reality.  

The design brings three separate king post trusses together all meeting at one common king post in the middle.  And if that wasn't complicated enough, a secondary 'hi-hat' roof was added on top of the principle timber frame.  The gazebo is roughly 20' x 20' and is a Hemlock frame.  

Built-in seats provide a nice shady spot for dog lovers to watch their four legged friends chase the flying tennis balls around the park.  

Take a ride down Camden St in Rockport and stop by this great space.  Also make sure to stop into the P.A.W.S Animal Adoption Center to see the great pets who are in need of a home (P.A.W.S. Facebook Page).