Technical Info



At Rockport Post & Beam, we believe that only the highest-quality materials should be used in the construction of the classic timber frame. The strength and beauty of the frame is dependent on the quality of the timbers. Every part of the frame will be visible, and that's why we carefully select each piece of Douglas fir, native pine, oak, hemlock, or recycled timber.  We receive our timbers rough sawn and then run them through our four sided planer to bring them to exact finished dimensions and a flawless finished surface.   

We use a three-part panel system that's durable and extremely energy efficient to provide exterior sheathing, insulation, and your interior wall surface. Each wall panel has a core of rigid insulation at least 3 ½" thick, which, when sandwiched between exterior-grade oriented strand board and interior drywall or wood, has an R-factor of 15 to 36. Roof panels are also made of the same three part system, but thicker giving a higher R-factor for the roof system, ranging from R-38 all the way up to R-70. Air infiltration and thermal breaks are eliminated, which leads to the panel insulating system out performing the conventional framing and insulating systems (ex: an R-15 panel is given credit for R-19 comparable insulation value to conventional framing and insulation systems).   Furthermore, you enjoy additional living space because the walls and insulation are outside the frame. It's important to choose windows and exterior doors that maintain both the character of the timber frame building and our high standard of energy efficiency. We have carefully considered the options available and will offer you a variety of windows and doors to meet your design needs and budget. Windows and doors are priced according to manufacturer and quality and are not included in our base price.

Please see The Frame and Panel System or The Finished Shell System for complete technical specs.